Our Goal

Donkey 4

Our primary aim is to help our state and our nation in this difficult time of persistent racial and gender inequality, ,increasingly severe income inequality, perilous international problems, and dangerous climate change,   To do this we must move forward, not backward!

To achieve our goals we must elect more Democrats to State and Federal offices. We are fortunate that all 3 of our State Representatives are Democrats, as are our Congresswomen, and our Senators.

But we need to do better! We will have elections in 2018 for all New Hampshire political offices! We must all work hard to see that we elect Democrats at every level.

The Grantham Democratic Town Committee does not support any specific candidates in Primary elections. That said, our members are free to help any Democratic Primary campaigns they so choose. And we encourage all to be active in Democratic politics.

After the Primary season, it will be “All hands on board” to  ensure a happy and progressive future for our state and nation! Please help us in this effort!

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