In 2018 we will be electing candidates Congress and for all State offices. Of particular importance this year are the State Senate and the Executive Council. We need to take back New Hampshire for progressive causes!

Our State Representative Andy Schmidt has recently resigned due to his move out of District,. At the Primary Election on  Sepember19 Brian Sullivan was chosen to be our Democratic candidate at the General Election on Tuesday November7. He handily won, and is now our State Represetantive!

2016 was a vitally important year – unfortunately on the national front there has been a massive shift to the right. But in New Hampshire all 4 of our congressional Representatives and Senators will be Democrats (and women)! Our local Democratic candidates for the NH House all won election. Sadly we do have a Republican Governor, albeit from the business-oriented wing of that Party. Republicans also control the Executive Council as well both Houses of our Legislature

Despite the devastating national results, and NH results, we need to keep on fighting for progress in helping the American people, and all the world in the 21st century! We particularly need to stand up in the efforts to address climate change, which will and does affect us all! We need to work toward 2018!

Our successful candidates are:

Senator — Maggie Hassan                        http://maggiehassan.com/

Congresswoman — Annie Kuster http://www.kusterforcongress.com/

Legislators — Brian Sullivan


Lee Oxenham                                            http://leeoxenhamnh.org/


Linda Tanner



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